Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the Reese's

My brother got a job in Ohio. We are very excited and sad about this. It is a great opportunity for them but very far away. As part of the move they are not able to take their dog Aggie. So we are keeping her for them. Her and Deegan hit it off right away and have been having a great time together. I may have to change her name to Houdini though by the way she makes food disappear and how she magically got out of the yard in the middle of the night. I could not find anywhere in the fence that she could have gotten out. Luckily she was just trying to get back in and came when we called. I think these two will have a great time together.


Anonymous said...

They look good together. Thanks for tacking her.

Mom said...

Fun! Looks like it will be good. What does TOny think about this?

Daniel said...

That's too bad for the Reese's that they can't take the dog with them. But that is great for Deagan though. It'll just be like in the days when Mandy was alive.

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.