Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bear Grylls Barlow HaHa

We went camping this weekend and had a great time and quite an adventure. On Saturday we went out for a ride and were having a great time and we got quite far from camp. As we were going down a trail we decided to head back because it was almost dinner time and looking like it might soon rain (which we were not dressed for). So we turned around and headed back. A short distance down the road something felt strange so I stopped and found that I had a flat tire on my buggy. We were a long way from camp, at least 10 miles, and we didn't have a way to fill the tire. The rain was really closing down and we decided that we should get the kids out of the rain so Tony took Hannah on his bike and the boys left on theirs. I was left to wait out the rain in my short sleeved shirt. I gathered everything out of my buggy to keep it dry (camera and headlights) and Tony left his body armor to make room for Hannah so I put it on to help keep me warm. I was looking around and decided to make a place to sit down and it soon turned into making a small lean-to to keep me as dry as I could. I moved some rocks and made a small wall, then I put on a Large arched log over the top with lots of small logs leaning up to it. Then I pick a bunch of plants with big leaves and put them all over the top. Just then it started raining so I slid in and waited. The rain came down and down and down. It was quite a down pour. I stayed dry except for a couple of drips. It kept me dry but it was still cold. Soon enough Tony came back in the truck and we filled the tire. Thankfully he brought my coat and I got in the buggy and drove back to camp as fast as I could go. It was raining so hard I could barely see and I was SOAKED when we got back to camp. It took me a couple hours and a really hot shower to get warm but it was actually fun overall.

This is the pic Tony took when he came back and found me.

The next day we went back up the same trail because they kids wanted to see where I had stayed so we took some pictures of them there also.

This shows the interior, very nicely decorated.

When we got back to camp they decided to make their own shelter to protect them from the rain also.

It was a great trip.

I have to say Happy Fathers day to my Dad and My kids Dad and Tony's Dad. I am so lucky. Tony is the best Dad. It was so fun to watch him help his boys with their motorcycles, when they fall he is always right there to help them up and make sure they are ok and get them going again. He keeps all our vehicles working and keeps us all happy while out. He is the best!