Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cute Kids

Kids are so cute! The other day I was driving with Owen when the following conversation occured.

Owen "mom why are their bad people?"

Mom "Heavenly father gave us our free agency and some people make bad choices, Satan was cast out of heaven and wants to make us miserable to so he temps us to be bad so we wont be able to return to live in Heaven"

Owen "How was he cast out?" so I tell him about the war in Heaven and why he was cast out.

Then owen said "I thought he was cast out, like with a fishing pole." I thought it was very funny.

Hannah got a cd player for her birthday and it comes with a microphone that she can sing along with the music. Her dad told her that you can hear it in your ears, the following is what we hear everytime she listens to it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Last Thing we need is Bigger Government

I found this on one of my friends blogs. I am just posting part of his post but if you would like to read the full post go to

Free Markets or Regulation
Am I naive, ignorant, or stupid?
Or is it possible that I am right and the masses are stampeding like buffalo toward an unseen cliff where they will meet their financial doom?

Let me be clear - I think you are nuts if you believe that we are seeing a demonstration of the failures of the free market. What free market? We haven't had a free market since before the American Civil War. Some special interest or lobby has been steadily influencing those with power to regulate literally every facet of our lives since that time.

So let's wake up! Some new flavor of intervention or regulation cannot possibly fix the problems we are currently experiencing. We need to remember that freedom means just that - FREEDOM! Not just freedom of speech or religion, but freedom of the markets. Freedom to buy and sell without intervention. Freedom to truly own private property and do what you want with it. Freedom to protect your life and property against plunder. FREEDOM!

Walter Williams' article this morning comes to the same conclusions that I did a few days ago in my last entry (above)- Capitalism is getting unfairly blamed for the current crisis. He also thinks you're crazy if you believe this fairy tale. We haven't really had laissez-faire economics in this country, so how could they be to blame for the crisis? What activities do you engage in every day that are not somehow affected by a government regulation of some sort?

How about brushing your teeth? Well, the government says that we need flourine in our water to help keep our teeth hard, because apparently we can't be trusted to brush our own teeth.

How about going to the bathroom? Well, the government is concerned about how much water is wasted with each flush, so they've limited the tank capacity and regulated the water per flush for the toilets we buy.

Eating breakfast? Well, you can't be drinking that raw milk - it's dangerous.

Getting out of bed? Driving to work? Drinking a cup of tea? Making a phone call? Burning some brush in your back yard? Raising chickens in your back yard? Parking your car on the grass so you can wash it? Fixing your damaged mailbox? Protecting yourself from people who might do you harm? Don't worry, because the government has great concern for you, and they will make rules to protect you from yourself. I feel so much better.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Hannah Birthday Big Number 3

Hannah's Princess cake. She wanted a yellow dress on a doll so I gave it a go.
Hannah and her doll in their new matching dresses.

Grandma showing Hannah how her new puppet works.

Looking cool.

I am so pretty.

Hannah's big doll house. The boys won't stop playing with it but don't let them know I said that.

What cute kids.
Happy Birthday Hannah.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Halloween Pictures

I forgot my camera, so thanks to my neighbor for helping out.
Here are the two Iron Men and a Big Chicken. (Don't call her a little chicken it makes her mad) Hannah got a little tired and was ready to be done.

We went with my neighbors and so there was a Big Chicken, two Iron Men, Hannah Montana, and Batman. It was fun.

Later we went up to my Parents and went trick-or-treating up around their house. It was a fun day for the kids.