Sunday, January 17, 2010

For the Reese's

My brother got a job in Ohio. We are very excited and sad about this. It is a great opportunity for them but very far away. As part of the move they are not able to take their dog Aggie. So we are keeping her for them. Her and Deegan hit it off right away and have been having a great time together. I may have to change her name to Houdini though by the way she makes food disappear and how she magically got out of the yard in the middle of the night. I could not find anywhere in the fence that she could have gotten out. Luckily she was just trying to get back in and came when we called. I think these two will have a great time together.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying to catch up

It has been way to long so I am going to make up for it with a really long post.

Hannah had her 4th birthday in November. This year she wanted a pink princess cake.

She got lots of great stuff and had a fun time.

Owen turned 8 in December. He got the DS he has been wanting and some scriptures and a BB gun.

Owen also got Baptized in December. What a big boy. We had lots of family down and despite the snow all got home safe. Thank you everyone for sharing this special day with us.

Of course in December is also Christmas. We had a great day and over all 2009 ended very well.

New Table and Chairs

Anyone who has been at my house lately knows that my dining room chairs are falling apart, badly. They were some cheap chairs Tony and I bought right after we got married and we have used them over the past 14 years almost. I got a bonus from work so I decided to look for some new chairs and today we found this set at RC Willey. It was a display set so it has a few small scratches but for 2/3 off I can deal with a small scratch or two. It has 8 chairs and we can put in 3 very large leafs it is nearly 12 feet long with all the leafs in and about 6 feet without them. It is a really dark stain and I love the all wood chairs. Anyhow as you can tell I am excited and happy with what I got!